Leading the world in business communications

Frama Franking Machines

Frama has been providing franking machines for businesses around the world for more than 45 years. It's what we do.

Our mission is to help businesses increase efficiencies and productivity, through the application of cutting-edge technology and innovation. 

Frama is noted for its consultative approach and ability to meet the needs and wants of the individual business. This is what makes Frama the most trusted partner for business in the sector.

We have the ability and the personnel to work with businesses of all sizes, and have the flexibility and speed to meet requirements for multi-site operations; bespoke requirements; and safe and secure packages for home or hybrid workers. This can be as simple as making sure you have the right franking machine at the right price to ensuring your email communications are protected from data thieves or allowing contracts to be electronically signed on any device, anywhere in the world.


For more than 45 years Frama has specialised in the development and manufacture of mail processing and secure data management systems, Through the decades, we have produced multiple innovations within the communications world.

From the introduction of Mailmark technology, to the investment in developing new streamlined and super-efficient franking machines, to the introduction of the world's first encrypted email and on-line document signing package, Frama has emerged as the market leader in innovation in the communications arena, becoming a key solution provider for all aspects of local and international business communications.

As the world of 2021 emerges from the the Covid-wracked bubble, Frama is once again leading the field in innovation. On the hardware front, our new franking machine range will launch in the Autumn of 2021, with new streamlined machines designed to fit the new business models of 2021 with exceptional features and economy.

The Future

Frama was, like so many other businesses, not immune to the effects of the pandemic. Our impeccabale foundation and strength allowed us to emerge stronger than ever, and are poised to further revolutionise communications in the forthcoming months and years. Our primary consideration over the course of the multiple lockdowns in the UK has been to ensure our customers and partners can continue to communicate smartly and efficiently. 

This process provided us with a unique understanding of the way that businesses are embracing the necessary digital transformation involved in home and hybrid working. In this new world, we understand that efficiencies in communication workflows are more critical than ever, and Frama is investing in new technologies and processes that are poised to transform the way your business works forever.


Our promise to you: 

  • Consultative approach – Frama will always make sure you are provided with the best possible solution for your business. Our trained specialists will consult with you and your team to ensure you don't incur additional costs and are able to scale smartly and efficiently.
  • Customer Service - our UK-based service team is dedicated to making sure you are happy with the solution provided, and are always at the end of a phone or an email. Due to our innovative technology, we can solve 95% of issues remotely.
  • Aftersales - we recognise that providing tailor-made solutions for your business is only half the story. Once your solution is up and running, we make sure those efficiencies stay in place with regular software updates and our Frama Cares program.
  • Latest Technology - Frama will always employ the latest technology, refined over 45 years of development and research.
  • Safe and Secure - Frama is certified for IT Security as per ISO270001 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3, the highest security requirement for Cryptographic Modules. Our systems have been 100% secure for more than 40 years, meaning your data is safe with us.