Physical Post


    94% of franking machine users
    are paying too much

    Switch to an award-winning Frama machine and start saving now!

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    Email security


    Protect your reputation

    Secure your business emails with Frama RMail


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  • Frama Office Automation

    Office Automation


    Automate workflows, Maximise productivity

    Become paperless, secure and compliant with the latest data regulations


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Franking machines & Mailroom equipment

Save money on postage costs with an award-winning Frama Franking Machine

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Email encryption & Electronic Signatures

Legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content with our Registered Receipt™ record.

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Office Automation

Our software solutions will make it easier and more efficient than ever to integrate paper documents into a digital workflow

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Five Star Reviews

Although we can tell you about our great products and fine service, is it always better to hear it from our happy customers. Our Trustpilot score continues to maintain its impressive performance and provides extensive testimony regarding our commitment to customer experience. Frama is currently the highest rated Franking machine supplier in the UK.

Our Top Products

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The Frama CareS Initiative: Caring for your business

Frama understands how important the processing of documents is in all organisations. Whether you are a start up company or part of a multi-national organisation the pressures are the same.

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Manuals and guides

Manuals, certification, guides and support all in one handy location

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