• Tariff

    Royal Mail Tariff

    As Royal Mail announces price changes for 2017/18, Frama discusses how to keep costs low.

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  • Compliance

    GDPR 2018

    Frama explains what the General Data Protection Regulation is and how it will impact your business.

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  • Exhibition

    LegalEx 2017

    Visit Frama at LegalEx 2017, the UK's first, largest and fastest growing legal event.

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  • e-communications: RMail

    Press Release

    Frama Invests

    As markets evolve and technology continues to change, so do the needs of the customer. Frama have recently engaged in a major corporate transformation project.

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  • e-communications


    e-communication: RMail Services are based on the RPost technology, the worldwide standard for verifiable email disposition (Email Proof) and for encryption technology and electronic signature services.

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  • Matrix F12

    franking machines

    Matrix F12

    If you are looking for a smart Franking machine the Matrix F12 is the answer.Contemporary franking can be so simple and always up-to-date thanks to online rate updates.

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Mail Processing

Improve the efficiency of your mail processing procedures with cutting-edge equipment and software systems.

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RMail Registered Email

Legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content with with our Registered Receiptâ„¢ record.

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Service, manuals and guides

Manuals, certification, guides and support all in one handy location.

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Welcome to FramaShop, our online web shop for all of your consumable needs. Create your own customer log in and purchase replacement ink, labels and more.

FramaShop, our exclusive online customer web shop.

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Our Top Products

To help our website visitors we present a snap shot of our most popular products, highlighting products and services that are currently trending with our customers.


The Frama CareS Initiative: Caring for your business

Frama understands how important the processing of documents is in all organisations. Whether you are a start up company or part of a multi-national organisation the pressures are the same.

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